Versa Brick's new packaging is here!

We are happy to announce that our new packaging has arrived and will be used for all new orders!

It has been a long process that involved collecting great ideas and suggestions from many people.  In the end we feel the new packaging does a wonderful job of catching the eye, conveying what Versa Bricks are and how they are used to increase the fun value of the popular toys.

Our new packaging uses a clear "bubble" to house the bricks which allows you to see what you are getting.  It also allows the package to stand up without being supported and there is also a hook which allows it to hang on a peg.  We retired the brick number identifications and replaced them with fun names for each brick which are introduced on the new packaging and on the website.  All these features along with the bright colors and peg pattern makes Versa Bricks a top notch toy that any brick lover would love to get their hand on .

Here is a sneak peak of the final product!

We recently made two updates to the website.  First we added a "Get Discount" widget at the bottom of the page.  By clicking on this you can receive a discount code for your purchase by "Liking" us on Facebook or following us on social media.  Secondly we added product reviews.  If you have purchased Versa Bricks we would really appreciate it if you could pen a review.  Just go to the item you want to review and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "write a review".

Thanks for reading and check back soon for new updates!

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